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“It’s possible to not only to save the best moments, the most special ones or your simple daily activities, but also to share these with your loved ones. And the ones you send it to will be able to see these memories in the future, and they will be intact, just like when they were created”.

This is the way the creators of “recmember me” describe their idea, an App available for Android and iOS devices conceived by two Spanish entrepreneurs. They saw, from their own experience, the possibilities that sending messages to the future can offer. They thought about sending their feelings to their children so they can read them years later. However, they realised that their idea could offer more than they originally expected and each person could find the best use depending on their needs. This is one of the best things about “recmember me”: the possibility of being able to adapt to each user and that each one can discover new uses and benefits. It’s an idea that has been become an App and that can grow to limits their creators had never dreamed about.

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