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Today we launch “recmember me” web

“recmember me” is now a reality! You can finally enjoy this App on your mobile device. Join the “recmember me” community and look through our website to get familiarized with our App and get some ideas on how to use it.

Because we want you to be in control, we have prepared a section where you can send your own recmembers, insert comments and publish new ideas while the recmember community gross bigger and bigger. The sky is the limit. You only have to send your recmember or comments to [email protected] and we will take care of publishing it.

In addition, you can be informed about updates, new templates and new ideas on uses or advice. We want to help you, because “recmember me” is a new way to express an emotion, and make memories last forever for you and your loved ones. Help us grow and improve. Please don’t hesitate to send us your doubts, suggestions or comments, we would love to read them!

We’ll see you on the network!