Your memories forever

Send a message to all your friends inviting them for dinner again, but … next year, at the same place and at same time. Send them a photo to remember the great time we had and they’ll be sure to want to repeat it.

Remember the goals you set yourself on New Years’ day or your personal challenges? Finish the race, lose weight, get married! Do you remember what you did when the due date arrived? Remind yourself of important dates and why they are important, motivate yourself to achieve your goals, keep a memory each day and write about what made it different.

You can send “recmembers” for another 100 years. We don’t really know whether there will still be email then, but what we can say is that ’recmember me‘ always tries to stay updated on the most widely used media. We will adapt to new electronic forms of communication, thus ensuring proper delivery of your memory.

The best way to explain the use of recmember is with this video of a friend in Peru. We recommend you watch it (it’s in Spanish though – sorry!)