Thanks to everyone!

This week we are celebrating!

It’s been only a month and a half since we launched our App “recmember me” and we have a very good news.

The first and most important is the great welcome that all of you have given us, the support with the message that we have received from you, your interaction in Facebook and Twitter, etc.… All this has encouraged us to continue working more every day.

The second good news, that we did already published, is that last Sunday we reached the No.1 of the top photo & video Apps in the Apple Store. Who would imagine that in such a short time we could do this possible with all the competition that exists out there?

And last but not least, we are a few thousands users already! Maybe it is not a big number compared with other well-known Apps, but for us we are many and we hope this number continues to grow more and more.

Every day more people get to know us and by now we have users in more than 80 countries. Likewise in a couple of months we might look back and think: “we settle for only a few” but right now we are very grateful and excited, and we are working very hard in order to improve all services of our App and ultimately grow for each and one of you.

Thanks you all for believing in us, because with your support this dream is coming true.