What happens if e-mail does not exist in the future?

We don’t really know. What we can say is that recmember me always tries to stay updated on the most widely used media. At present, the most stable are e-mail messages and images in JPEG format. If in the future this situation changes, recmember me will adapt to new electronic forms of communication between people, thus ensuring proper delivery of your memory.

How can I send a message to my children if they do not have an e-mail address?

The application lets you send a recmember to contacts who do not have an e-mail address at the time of creation. All you have to do is write his/her name manually or have him/her in your phone contacts. The system will remind you that e-mail field is pending as the delivery date approaches, if you have not filled it in previously.

This allows you, in the case where the recipient of the recmember is a little boy, for example, to update this field when the recipient has an e-mail account later on.

If you are his / her parent or guardian, you can also create an email account on behalf of the child in certain website and include it initially.

How do I know if it’s safe to put pictures of my loved ones in recmember me?

One of the main values ​​of recmember me is the confidentiality of stored information in our servers. This information is under SSL security certificate and may only be used by the user. Also, once a user deregisters with us or wishes to sign off permanently, all data will be deleted from our servers.

Can I edit messages which have already been sent?

No. Any message that is sent is “frozen” for the future. In fact, part of the main value of recmember me, is that any message received from the past has not been altered since its creation.

Can I share the memories sent? What happens if I used template with non-free delivery?

Yes, any message sent, either with a template with free delivery or not, can be shared on available social networks at any time.

Where are sent messages stored?

All messages sent are stored in our servers and are available to users.

Can I still keep saved sent messages even if I change my mobile phone?

Since recmembers are stored in our servers (and not on your device) the messages will be available again when you reinstall the application and sign in with your user data. Drafts, however, are stored in the phone’s memory, so you’ll have to finish and send them, before changing the device if you do not want to lose them.

What happens to my recmembers pending delivery if I stop being premium user?

recmember me considers that the service of delivering these recmembers is already paid for and, except in cases of force majeure, the recmembers created and sent during a subscription period will be delivered even if the user is no longer a Premium user at specific the time of delivery.

What are the advantages of being a Premium user?

Being a premium user allows you to send videos(*) and use any template, plus guarantees no advertising in your application. You can subscribe monthly or yearly, obtaining a discount in the latter case.

(*) 3 videos per month – 90 seconds long each.

recmember me requires equity to maintain and sustain the servers that keep the recmembers. The video storage is the most costly and therefore requires a small contribution from users. The application will also develop new templates covering more special moments that also call for new upgrades and investment.

We also accept donations on behalf of users who want to support this initiative to maintain their loved ones memories.

How do I ensure that the message I send does not end up in the “spam” folder?

Unfortunately there is a possibility that your memories end up in the spam filter of your mail server. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we recommend you send yourself a test. Send a recmember to yourself to receive tomorrow. If you do not receive it correctly, verify that it has not been included by default in the spam folder of your email. If so, make sure you classify the e-mail as non-spam in your e-mail settings.

Can I use templates with non-free delivery without being a premium user?

Yes, you can. You just have to pay a small amount for delivery. But if you send more than two per month, it’s better to be Premium user, because you can use all templates without limits. And even send videos.
The application will incorporate new templates covering more special moments that will require new upgrades and investment, which is why we request the user a small contribution.

Can I send videos without being premium user?

No, unfortunately you can’t. In this case, you need to become premium user. The reason for this is because video storage is costly and requires a small contribution from users.

recmember me requires equity to maintain and sustain the servers that keep the recmembers.

Can I cancel delivery of a sent recmember?

No, you can’t, so be careful with what you send!
A sent recmember cannot be cancelled or modified. This is in order to ensure that both, its contents and the date it was written, have traveled intact over time.

Is recmember me available for all smartphones ?

You can download recmember me for free in all iPhones and Android from version 4.0 onwards. There is no iPad version yet, but the one for iPhone can be used on your iPad.

The App is running slowly…

All templates and sent recmembers are in the cloud, so you need to have good internet coverage on your device. If you’re uploading videos, you should have a wifi connection.

Why can’t I send a 20sec video?

It depends on the camera resolution you have selected by default. In your device settings, you can select between HD resolutions (which allow less recording time) or 640×480 resolutions, with which you will be able to send longer videos.

The picture comes out rotated 90°

In some devices it is impossible to know the direction in which the photo was taken, and that is why the application does not display it correctly. Rotate it using any photo editor you have installed on your phone and then attach it to your recmember.

What happens if the company recmember closes?  Will I lose all my recmembers?

We have also thought of that and it will hopefully not occur.  However, if the company recmember me multimedia S.L. does need to close, for whatever reason, the servers will be open during some time so that all users can recuperate all their memories and not lose them.

And if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: contact@recmemberme.com