At Christmas we will cooperate with Action Against Hunger Spain

Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way: Christmas to future!

We can start sending greeting cards to our loved ones and be sure they will receive them in those special dates with no delays.

We have created a new template card for next Christmas that will become something special and unique. The mechanics of the application is the same: you select the template, add a photo of your choice, write a text, and schedule the sending to reach whatever time you prefer on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day. It is easy, isn’t it?!

We also want to announce that this template is very important for us. We have started collaborating with Action Against Hunger Spain and hence, all proceeds coming from this Christmas card will be donated entirely to this organization, to contribute to aid and develop projects for those who need them the most.

The cost of this template is the same as the others templates, $0.99, and we can send it to 5 different persons.  Recmember me team is like crazy sending these Christmas cards already, because with this small effort on our part, we will be able to make others very happy, and what better moment to do it than in Christmas time.

Thank you all in advance for supporting this initiative.