Record your best moments and send them… to the future!

Recmember me

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* Available for mobile devices 4.0 or higher.

Being a Premium user allows you to send videos (*) and use any template (free or not), plus guarantees no advertising in your application. You can subscribe monthly or yearly. Don’t miss all the possibilities!
* 3 videos per month – minute and a half. long each

app recmember me

What is it?

Our application “recmember me” allows you record, save and send your special moments and share them with anyone you want.
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How does it work?

Creating your own “recmember” is very easy and intuitive. Just follow 5 simple steps.
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Any moment is special. A birthday, a love relationship, a birth, a pregnancy … there are many special moments in our lives.
Don’t let them be forgotten!
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How much it costs?

Downloading the App “recmember me” is free.
There are templates with free delivery, so sending your “recmember” will involve no cost at all.
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See some public remembers

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It’s a pity I didn’t have this application before. My husband would have been speechless today if he had seen the video that would have sent him telling him my intentions when I thought of conquering him.

Carmen Sanchez

It’s great as a travelogue. Since I went to Vietnam I have always wanted one and now I can do it easily with my phone and recmember me

Joseph Romerales

I find it much easier sharing photos. I simply add text to the photo and upload directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Sarah Martins

An unforgettable gift! When my daughter is 18, she can see her first steps, the first time she ate solids … I would love to see her face when she receives all these memories.

Martha Apparitions

I wanted to tell my baby how I feel when he smiles at me, when he holds my hand …

Ruth Smith

Now I can remember how special each moment was and when my children see it, they won’t just see a simple photo but the story behind it.

Adolf Navarrese

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Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way: Christmas to future!

We can start sending greeting cards to our loved ones and be sure they will receive them in those

This week we are celebrating!
It’s been only a month and a half since we launched our App “recmember me” and we have a very good news.

The first

“recmember me” offers endless possibilities… Can you think of any others?

Messages to your children:

As you have seen on the web, we think one of the biggest

If you have a blog, post articles on the web or media and want to know more about “recmember me”, you’re at the right place.

“It’s possible to not only to save the best moments, the most

Make your company and brand accessible and more personal with “recmember me”

Do you have a restaurant and want it to be remembered by your customers? You can send

Today we launch “recmember me” web

“recmember me” is now a reality! You can finally enjoy this App on your mobile device. Join the “recmember me” community and