At Christmas we will cooperate with Action Against Hunger Spain

Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way

Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way: Christmas to future!

We can start sending greeting cards to our loved ones and be sure they will receive them in those special dates with no delays.

We have created a new template card for next Christmas that will become something special and unique. The mechanics of the application is the same: you select the template, add a photo of your choice, write a text, and schedule the sending to reach whatever time you prefer on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day. It is easy, isn’t it?!

We also want to announce that this template is very important for us. We have started collaborating with Action Against Hunger Spain and hence, all proceeds coming from this Christmas card will be donated entirely to this organization, to contribute to aid and develop projects for those who need them the most.

The cost of this template is the same as the others templates, $0.99, and we can send it to 5 different persons.  Recmember me team is like crazy sending these Christmas cards already, because with this small effort on our part, we will be able to make others very happy, and what better moment to do it than in Christmas time.

Thank you all in advance for supporting this initiative.

Thanks to everyone!

we reached the No.1 of the top photo & video Apps in the Apple Store

This week we are celebrating!

It’s been only a month and a half since we launched our App “recmember me” and we have a very good news.

The first and most important is the great welcome that all of you have given us, the support with the message that we have received from you, your interaction in Facebook and Twitter, etc.… All this has encouraged us to continue working more every day.

The second good news, that we did already published, is that last Sunday we reached the No.1 of the top photo & video Apps in the Apple Store. Who would imagine that in such a short time we could do this possible with all the competition that exists out there?

And last but not least, we are a few thousands users already! Maybe it is not a big number compared with other well-known Apps, but for us we are many and we hope this number continues to grow more and more.

Every day more people get to know us and by now we have users in more than 80 countries. Likewise in a couple of months we might look back and think: “we settle for only a few” but right now we are very grateful and excited, and we are working very hard in order to improve all services of our App and ultimately grow for each and one of you.

Thanks you all for believing in us, because with your support this dream is coming true.


Inspirational message for your children

“recmember me” offers endless possibilities… Can you think of any others?

Messages to your children:

As you have seen on the web, we think one of the biggest possibilities of “recmember me” is to take a photo of special moments your children have and send it to them so they can receive them years later. This is a great possibility due of its originality, simplicity and emotional content.

Imagine you take a photo of your newborn, write your feelings and send this message as a future birthday present. She can relive your memory when she receives your message in her email years later.  Or you can capture the first time your son went to the beach and, years later, he will receive your message while enjoying other holidays.

We know as a parent you’ll never forget your children’s first moments: their first steps, their first word, their first birthday, when he painted your room walls, and lots of other moments… But he or she probably won’t remember them and you won’t be able to explain it as well as you can do it when you lived them.

With “recmember me” you can capture both the image and the feeling, you can write what you feel and when she or he receives it, the recmember will bring those memories back.


Travel diaries can now be different with “recmember me”, because you can put together image and text at the same time while you are living it. You don’t have to wait to go back to the hotel or home to write about your journey or connect each photo with its moment.

You can also send post cards to your friends or relatives immediately. You can even send memories to your travel buddies in order to remember the good moments you have lived together.

Moreover, “recmember me” will save the location of your recmembers, so you will have a map of your captured moments.


Get together with your friends in a different way. Remember the dinner you had with your former classmates and how all of you said it had to be repeated each year? If you send them a recmember with a photo of that dinner, you can remind them the next meeting needs to be organized and no one will forget it.

Remind to your partner of a special date. All you need to do is send him or her a recmember of what happened that moment and set the time you want it to arrive. He or she can receive a recmember of your wedding at your first anniversary, which you actually sent on that special day. A recmember where you tell him or her how important that day is for you… Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

Funny moments:  

Birthdays, graduations, football matches, bets, parties… all of them are important moments that, thanks to “recmember me”, you can capture and share with anyone you want via social networks or send them to the people who were involved in those moments. They can receive them immediately or in the future, whenever you decide.

Remember, the sky is the limit. And if you have any other ideas, please share them with us at

Do you want to write about “recmember me”?

If you have a blog, post articles on the web or media and want to know more about “recmember me”, you’re at the right place.

“It’s possible to not only to save the best moments, the most special ones or your simple daily activities, but also to share these with your loved ones. And the ones you send it to will be able to see these memories in the future, and they will be intact, just like when they were created”.

This is the way the creators of “recmember me” describe their idea, an App available for Android and iOS devices conceived by two Spanish entrepreneurs. They saw, from their own experience, the possibilities that sending messages to the future can offer. They thought about sending their feelings to their children so they can read them years later. However, they realised that their idea could offer more than they originally expected and each person could find the best use depending on their needs. This is one of the best things about “recmember me”: the possibility of being able to adapt to each user and that each one can discover new uses and benefits. It’s an idea that has been become an App and that can grow to limits their creators had never dreamed about.

As a writer, journalist or person who tells their experiences to the world, you of course can come up with new and original ideas for our App. We would love you to write them and so we can read them. To make your work easier we have prepared a press kit with some information. Moreover, if you have any doubts or you need any extra material, please let us know. Just write to us at


Your brand in the future

Make your company and brand accessible and more personal with “recmember me”

Do you have a restaurant and want it to be remembered by your customers? You can send pictures of them dinning at your establishment that will arrive months later with a lovely text or a promotion to make them return… you only have to ask for their email to ensure customer’s loyalty. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

“recmember me” can be a great help for small and medium-sized businesses, because it helps them feel closer. Pubs, restaurants, local shops, gyms… you can each one can imagine the possibilities. The closeness and emotion that can be conveyed by this App can help your brand (even well-known ones) to seem closer and more accessible.

Do you want to use it for your promotions? Or to reward your customers’ loyalty? Or use to send them a reminder? Or use it in a promotional campaign? Contact us via, and we will be happy to help you with ideas as well as exclusive recmembers designs for your brand.

We are online

Today we launch “recmember me” web

“recmember me” is now a reality! You can finally enjoy this App on your mobile device. Join the “recmember me” community and look through our website to get familiarized with our App and get some ideas on how to use it.

Because we want you to be in control, we have prepared a section where you can send your own recmembers, insert comments and publish new ideas while the recmember community gross bigger and bigger. The sky is the limit. You only have to send your recmember or comments to and we will take care of publishing it.

In addition, you can be informed about updates, new templates and new ideas on uses or advice. We want to help you, because “recmember me” is a new way to express an emotion, and make memories last forever for you and your loved ones. Help us grow and improve. Please don’t hesitate to send us your doubts, suggestions or comments, we would love to read them!

We’ll see you on the network!

How to create your memories?

  1. Select a free delivery template
  2. Insert an photo, a title and text
  3. Indicate the recipient
  4. Indicate when do you want the message to be received (year, month, day and even the hour)
  5. and send it to the future!

You can also share it via Facebook and Twitter.

It’s that easy!

Send your best moments to the future

Your memories forever

Send a message to all your friends inviting them for dinner again, but … next year, at the same place and at same time. Send them a photo to remember the great time we had and they’ll be sure to want to repeat it.

Remember the goals you set yourself on New Years’ day or your personal challenges? Finish the race, lose weight, get married! Do you remember what you did when the due date arrived? Remind yourself of important dates and why they are important, motivate yourself to achieve your goals, keep a memory each day and write about what made it different.

You can send “recmembers” for another 100 years. We don’t really know whether there will still be email then, but what we can say is that ’recmember me‘ always tries to stay updated on the most widely used media. We will adapt to new electronic forms of communication, thus ensuring proper delivery of your memory.

The best way to explain the use of recmember is with this video of a friend in Peru. We recommend you watch it (it’s in Spanish though – sorry!)

How much does the app cost?

Downloading the App “recmember me” is free.
There are templates with free delivery, so sending your “recmember” will involve no cost at all.
There are also templates with delivery that involves a cost. The delivery rate for these templates is $0,99 and is indicated on the stamp.

You can become a premium user for just $1,99 per month. This allows you to use any template and send videos*. You can subscribe monthly or yearly. In addition, it guarantees no advertising by third parties in your application.

Payments can be done through: APPLE STORE o GOOGLE PLAY

*3 videos per month – 1 minute and a half long each