Letter to my future self

¿Qué es recmember me?

…cierra los ojos y… recuerda algún momento especial junto a tus seres queridos… ¿Te gustaría grabarlo para siempre y, además… que ellos también pudiesen sentir ese momento feliz algún día en el futuro? “recmember me” te lo permitirá. Crea tu

Record your memories and best moments forever with recmember me

Qué recordar siempre

Envía un mensaje a todos tus amigos para cenar otra vez todos juntos, pero… el año que viene, en el mismo sitio. Y recordar lo bien que lo pasamos. ¿Te acuerdas de ese propósito del primer día del año o


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¿Y si no existe el correo electrónico en el futuro? Por supuesto, no lo sabemos. Lo que sí podemos asegurar es que recmember me siempre intentará estar actualizado en los medios de comunicación más utilizados entre personas. En la actualidad, el más

Captura tus mejores momentos y envíalos…¡al futuro!

Ser usuario Premium te permitirá también enviar vídeos (*) y utilizar cualquier plantilla de pago, además de no tener publicidad en la aplicación. Puedes suscribirte por meses o por un año completo. * 3 vídeos/mes de 1 minuto y medio de duración aproximadamente.

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1. Lo primero que tienes que hacer este verano es descargarte la aplicación recmember me: iTunes: http://bit.ly/1hLWKVe Google Play:  http://bit.ly/1xDQ7J7 2. No debes quedarte en casa y salir a la …
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recmember me is an application the success of made in Spain entrepreneurs

recmember me “un caso de éxito” en la revista Cosmopolitan

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Recent Works

Playing table tennis with family and friends

Nowadays, playing sports to exercise healthily is a trend for many people, especially for families. The choice of a sport to practice depends on the number of members or each family’s preferences. Among the current sports games for families, table tennis is the subject most families choose today. Table tennis with a double or single-player format is very suitable for families.

I still remember the happy moments when playing table tennis with family and friends, humorous blocking plays, funny cries and laughs.

To play this sport, you need to prepare your family for the necessary equipment, such as a good portable table tennis table for playing in the backyard, ping-pong balls, ping-pong racquets, ping-pong robot (to practice if you want to improve quickly),

The table tennis racket and a table tennis table are the two most powerful support tools, the most necessary and indispensable in any training session, so you need to choose for yourself good quality products and have the longest lifespan to use.

However, not everyone knows much about these tools, so I advise you to choose well-known brands of good quality to avoid buying low-quality products.

Don’t worry! I will mention the good brands that my family has used for your reference. But first….

Benefits of playing table tennis

Everyone knows that exercising is to improve health and table tennis is also for that purpose, playing table tennis can help players get good health, a strong body.

Besides, playing table tennis in the family also helps members become more connected with each other when family time is very little. Moreover, table tennis also has undisputed benefits such as:

  • Help players lose weight effectively,
  • Help players improve flexibility as well as increase quick reflexes,
  • Help players have faster thinking, better reflexes at work.

That is why table tennis is always the number one choice for families today, especially for families with many people.

Table tennis is suitable for all ages

Table tennis is suitable for all ages

Many sports are picky to play or only suitable for a particular group of people or a certain age.

For example, playing boxing, the elderly definitely can’t play. Or, like football, basketball is similar, it is difficult for the elderly to participate.

The difference of table tennis is that it can be suitable for all ages. As long as you have enough health, your hand can hold the racket. You can absolutely participate in the training sessions with other family members.

What is a quality table tennis racket?

Nowadays, ping pong racquets are indispensable tools, so you should choose for yourself and family members with good quality racquets.

A best table tennis paddle needs to ensure factors such as the blade must be sure not to rot over time of use, or the rubbers need to provide the most accurate bounce to suit each style of play of each player.

Currently, 3 main types of table tennis rubber are suitable for 3 different playing styles:

  • The inverted rubber suitable for offensive play to get the highest speed,
  • The long pips rubber is suitable for playing defensive counter-attacks to get the most accurate ball,
  • The short pips rubber ideal for players who mix both defense and attack to help players play more comprehensively.

The quality table tennis racket brands I know

Currently, on the market, many manufacturers provide quality and prestigious table tennis rackets with many different brands of racquets.

So for everyone to know which is the genuine and quality brand, I would like to share with you some of the best quality table tennis rackets:

1. Double Fish table tennis racket

This is a table tennis paddle brand originating from China; the country produces many champions of this sport.

With these racquets, they are guaranteed international quality and construction, so you can use this product with complete peace of mind.

2. DHS table tennis rackets

Also, one of the most famous brands originate from China; the blade is made of 5 layers of wood, so it is very solid, the racquet surface ensures precise bounce, thus allowing players to have more precise ball control.

3. 729 table tennis racket

This is a new brand from China. They have just entered the market, but they have outstanding quality and longevity is relatively high compared to other racquets on the market. The 729 table tennis racket has AN, FL, and ST handle types for players to choose from.

Above are some of the introduction to table tennis as well as the effects when playing it, my happy experiences when playing with my family. Especially I introduce to you these 3 good quality table tennis rackets for your reference. Hope it helps!

Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way

Wish a Merry Christmas in a different way: Christmas to future!

We can start sending greeting cards to our loved ones and be sure they will receive them in those special dates with no delays.

We have created a new template card for next Christmas that will become something special and unique. The mechanics of the application is the same: you select the template, add a photo of your choice, write a text, and schedule the sending to reach whatever time you prefer on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day. It is easy, isn’t it?!

We also want to announce that this template is very important for us. We have started collaborating with Action Against Hunger Spain and hence, all proceeds coming from this Christmas card will be donated entirely to this organization, to contribute to aid and develop projects for those who need them the most.

The cost of this template is the same as the others templates, $0.99, and we can send it to 5 different persons.  Recmember me team is like crazy sending these Christmas cards already, because with this small effort on our part, we will be able to make others very happy, and what better moment to do it than in Christmas time.

Thank you all in advance for supporting this initiative.

we reached the No.1 of the top photo & video Apps in the Apple Store

This week we are celebrating!

It’s been only a month and a half since we launched our App “recmember me” and we have a very good news.

The first and most important is the great welcome that all of you have given us, the support with the message that we have received from you, your interaction in Facebook and Twitter, etc.… All this has encouraged us to continue working more every day.

The second good news, that we did already published, is that last Sunday we reached the No.1 of the top photo & video Apps in the Apple Store. Who would imagine that in such a short time we could do this possible with all the competition that exists out there?

And last but not least, we are a few thousands users already! Maybe it is not a big number compared with other well-known Apps, but for us we are many and we hope this number continues to grow more and more.

Every day more people get to know us and by now we have users in more than 80 countries. Likewise in a couple of months we might look back and think: “we settle for only a few” but right now we are very grateful and excited, and we are working very hard in order to improve all services of our App and ultimately grow for each and one of you.

Thanks you all for believing in us, because with your support this dream is coming true.

Inspirational message for your children

“recmember me” offers endless possibilities… Can you think of any others?

Messages to your children:

As you have seen on the web, we think one of the biggest possibilities of “recmember me” is to take a photo of special moments your children have and send it to them so they can receive them years later. This is a great possibility due of its originality, simplicity and emotional content.

Imagine you take a photo of your newborn, write your feelings and send this message as a future birthday present. She can relive your memory when she receives your message in her email years later.  Or you can capture the first time your son went to the beach and, years later, he will receive your message while enjoying other holidays.

We know as a parent you’ll never forget your children’s first moments: their first steps, their first word, their first birthday, when he painted your room walls, and lots of other moments… But he or she probably won’t remember them and you won’t be able to explain it as well as you can do it when you lived them.

With “recmember me” you can capture both the image and the feeling, you can write what you feel and when she or he receives it, the recmember will bring those memories back.


Travel diaries can now be different with “recmember me”, because you can put together image and text at the same time while you are living it. You don’t have to wait to go back to the hotel or home to write about your journey or connect each photo with its moment.

You can also send post cards to your friends or relatives immediately. You can even send memories to your travel buddies in order to remember the good moments you have lived together.

Moreover, “recmember me” will save the location of your recmembers, so you will have a map of your captured moments.


Get together with your friends in a different way. Remember the dinner you had with your former classmates and how all of you said it had to be repeated each year? If you send them a recmember with a photo of that dinner, you can remind them the next meeting needs to be organized and no one will forget it.

Remind to your partner of a special date. All you need to do is send him or her a recmember of what happened that moment and set the time you want it to arrive. He or she can receive a recmember of your wedding at your first anniversary, which you actually sent on that special day. A recmember where you tell him or her how important that day is for you… Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

Funny moments:  

Birthdays, graduations, football matches, bets, parties… all of them are important moments that, thanks to “recmember me”, you can capture and share with anyone you want via social networks or send them to the people who were involved in those moments. They can receive them immediately or in the future, whenever you decide.

Remember, the sky is the limit. And if you have any other ideas, please share them with us at public@recmemberme.com

If you have a blog, post articles on the web or media and want to know more about “recmember me”, you’re at the right place.

“It’s possible to not only to save the best moments, the most special ones or your simple daily activities, but also to share these with your loved ones. And the ones you send it to will be able to see these memories in the future, and they will be intact, just like when they were created”.

This is the way the creators of “recmember me” describe their idea, an App available for Android and iOS devices conceived by two Spanish entrepreneurs. They saw, from their own experience, the possibilities that sending messages to the future can offer. They thought about sending their feelings to their children so they can read them years later. However, they realised that their idea could offer more than they originally expected and each person could find the best use depending on their needs. This is one of the best things about “recmember me”: the possibility of being able to adapt to each user and that each one can discover new uses and benefits. It’s an idea that has been become an App and that can grow to limits their creators had never dreamed about.

As a writer, journalist or person who tells their experiences to the world, you of course can come up with new and original ideas for our App. We would love you to write them and so we can read them. To make your work easier we have prepared a press kit with some information. Moreover, if you have any doubts or you need any extra material, please let us know. Just write to us at press@recmemberme.com



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