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“Record the moment”

Capture your memories! Freeze a special moment that you want to remember forever taking a photo or a video.

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“Create your recmember!”

Select a specific template related to your memory and write about it.

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"Schedule your recmember…”

Who do you want to send this memory to? When do you want him/her to get it? ... Insert the recipient details, future delivery date and ... send it to the future!

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"…and share it!”

Let your friends see your most magical moments . Share them via your social networks.

Record your best moments and send them… to the future!

Try it now! Download it for free

  • Download for iPhone
  • Download for Android* 

* Available for mobile devices 4.0 or higher.

Being a Premium user allows you to send videos (*) and use any template (free or not), plus guarantees no advertising in your application. You can subscribe monthly or yearly. Don’t miss all the possibilities!
* 3 videos per month – minute and a half. long each

app recmember me

What is it?


Our application “recmember me” allows you record, save and send your special moments and share them with anyone you want.
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How does it work?


Creating your own “recmember” is very easy and intuitive. Just follow 5 simple steps.
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Any moment is special. A birthday, a love relationship, a birth, a pregnancy … there are many special moments in our lives.
Don’t let them be forgotten!
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How much it costs?


Downloading the App “recmember me” is free.
There are templates with free delivery, so sending your “recmember” will involve no cost at all.
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